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Anglo-Saxon Garnet 'Bead'

Country of Origin: Britain

Description: Pendant made of gold, garnet and blue glass dating to the late-sixth or early seventh century. Unfortunately it has suffered considerable structural damage and is distorted in several places.

Dimensions: 3.5cm length

Object Period: Anglo-Saxon

Provenance: Forest Gate, Essex

Museum Accession No.: AN1909.517

Aquisition History: Found in 1875. Acquired by Sir John Evans and presented to the Ashmolean by Sir Arthur Evans in 1909.

Other Information: This gold and garnet object has been described as a 'bead' or the head of a pin, but it might be imagined more appropriately as having been threaded on a rigid rod and used as a pendant. Although this 'bead' is ambitious in design, its workmanship is less sophisticated than that found on other garnet-inlaid Anglo-Saxon ornaments.

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