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Roman Horse and Rider Brooch

Country of Origin: Britain

Description: Roman copper alloy zoomorphic brooch made in the form of a horse and rider. The horse's head is held high, with an erect ear and serrated mane. Several areas of enamel originally decorated this object. The rider, with upstanding hair serrated along the top, sits upright, his foot indicated below the horse. An irregular sunken field retaining traces of enamel runs up his body, with a smaller ovoid field behind. On the reverse side the single hinge-pivot has been engulfed by iron corrosion. The catch is also intact but the pin is missing.

Dimensions: 3cm length x 2cm width

Object Period: Roman

Provenance: Brettenham, Norfolk

Museum Accession No.: AN1927.440

Aquisition History: Presented to the Ashmolean Museum by Sir Arthur Evans in 1927.

Other Information: This is one of several similar brooches held by the Ashmolean Museum, although this is the only one in the John Evans collection.