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Iron Age Whetstone from Nydam

Country of Origin: Denmark

Description: Whetstone

Dimensions: 5.8cm length x 4.8cm width

Object Period: Iron Age

Provenance: Nydam, Denmark

Museum Accession No.: AN1927.4987

Aquisition History: Excavated by C. Engelhardt around 1860. Presented to the Ashmolean Museum by Sir Arthur Evans in 1927.

Other Information: This whetstone provides a good example of the distintive blue and white Evans collection label. Nydam (Schleswig) is a peat-bog famous for very rich finds from the Iron Age. It was excavated by C. Engelhardt around 1860 and the finds included the famous large 'Nydam boat' of oak. Many whetstones have been found there and Evans's stone is a typical example. The excavation history and the fate of these finds as the border changed due to war between Denmark and Germany is well recorded. It is exceptional to see an object from Nydam abroad. It can only be because of Evans's standing and close contact between them, that Engelhardt gave him an item from this unique find complex, which became of national importance and was treasured indeed.

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