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Sir John Evans's Collections of Artefacts


Hallstatt Necklaces

Country of Origin: Austria

Description: Three early Iron Age amber necklaces.


Object Period: Early Iron Age

Provenance: Halstatt, Austria

Museum Accession No.: AN1927.991, AN1927.993, AN1927.997

Aquisition History: In 1866 John Evans together with Sir John and Lady Lubbock visited the cemetery acquiring a number of artefacts. From Sir John Evans's letters and notes, we know he spent two days excavating the site and arranged that Bergmeister Stapf would continue to excavate at Evans's and Lubbock's expense, sending them a range of the artefacts found. In 1916 Lubbock's share of the artefacts were donated to the British Museum and in 1927 Evans's share came to the Ashmolean Museum.

Other Information: Hallstatt is one of the most important sites in Iron Age Europe. Over 2,000 cremation and inhumation burials were found at the cemetery, mostly excavated between 1846 and 1863. These are just some of numerous objects, including a spindle and whorl (AN1927.950 & AN1927.983), from Halstatt in the John Evans collection (These objects can be viewed on this website).