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Palaeolithic Antler Harpoon

Country of Origin: France

Description: Worked antler artefact forming the bottom fragment of a bi-serial barbed harpoon, probably a fishing tool.


Object Period: Late Upper Palaeolithic (c. 13,000-12,000 years ago)

Provenance: La Madelaine, Dordogne, France

Museum Accession No.: AN1928.271

Aquisition History: Object from the Christy-Lartet excavations in 1863. Acquired by Evans and presented to the Ashmolean by Sir Arthur Evans in 1927.

Other Information: There is no consensus as to the purpose of the engraved lines. They may be decorative or they could have had a practical purpose. La Madeleine is important in being the type-site of the Magdalenian culture.