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Frankish Grave Group

Country of Origin: France

Description: Group of objects from a Frankish grave dating to the seventh century, including a sword pommel, rock crystal amulet, radiate-headed brooches and a buckle.


Object Period: Early Medieval

Provenance: Picquigny, France

Museum Accession No.: AN1909.661a-l

Aquisition History: Presented to the Ashmolean by Sir Arthur Evans in 1909.

Other Information: Since both male (a sword pommel) and female (a spherical rock crystal amulet) objects are combined in this find, it may come from more than one grave. The tiny stylized raptors (birds) of gold, decorated in cloisonn‚ technique are stunning, even though they have lost most of their inlaid garnets. The fine spherical rock crystal amulet was worn in life hanging from the girdle to avert evil influences. The brooches are in the radiate headed style and are similar to a brooch found at Amiens in France (AN1909.654) (This object can be viewed on this website).