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Anglo-Saxon Jewelled Disc Brooch

Country of Origin: Britain

Description: Silver-gilt jewelled disc brooch with a central cell, now empty, enclosed by a circle of T-shaped four garnets. Between the garnets are pairs of interlaced serpentine beasts, with collared necks and gaping jaws, and four circular cells, all of which are now empty. On the back was a single hinge which has an intact catch but the pin is missing. The brooch dates from the late sixth or early seventh century.

Dimensions: 5.1cm diameter

Object Period: Anglo-Saxon

Provenance: Faversham, Kent

Museum Accession No.: AN1909.196

Aquisition History: Presented to the Ashmolean by Sir Arthur Evans in 1909.

Other Information: There are a number of artefacts from the early Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Faversham in Kent in the Evans Collection, including glass and amethyst beads (AN1909.144, AN1909.155 & AN1909.162), a bracteate (AN1909.194) and a jewelled pendant (AN1909.207) (These objects can be viewed on this website).

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