Sir John Evans Centenary Project - image background is marbled paper from one of John Evans's books John Evans Numismatic Society Medal 1899

Publications by Joan Evans:

Joan Evans's Publications:

English Jewellery from the 5th Century BC to 1800 (1921)

Life in Medieval France (1925)

Pattern: A Study of Ornament in Western Europe from 1180 to 1900 (1931)

English Posies and Posy-rings (1931)

Monastic Life at Cluny, 930-1157 (1936)

The Romanesque Architecture of the Order of Cluny (1938)

Taste and Temperament (1939)

Chateaubriand (a biographical study) (1939)

Madame de Serilly (a biographical study) (1946)

Joseph Joubert (a biographical study) (1947)

Art in Medieval France, 987-1498 (1948)

English Art, 1307-1461 (1949)

Cluniac Art of the Romanesque Period (1950)

Dress in Medieval France (1952)

A History of Jewellery, 1100-1870 (1953)

A History of the Society of Antiquaries (1956)

The Flowering of the Middle Ages (1966)

The Conways: a History of Three Generations (1966)

'An End to an Adventure', (Encounter vol 47 1976)