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Anglo-Saxon Ixworth Cross

gold and garnet cross from Ixworth
Gold and garnet cross from Ixworth, Suffolk (AN1909.453)

This jewelled pendant made of gold was originally entirely covered by garnets backed with hatched foils.

The precise execution and symmetry of the compartments of the cloisonné work is highly sophisticated. That the design has been thought through quite carefully is also apparent from the change of colour tone of the garnets, which tend to be darker towards the centre. The small size of the cells may indicate reuse of old garnets, an established seventh-century practice in Anglo-Saxon jewellery.

The pendant was found at Ixworth, Suffolk in 1856. It was acquired by Joseph Warren and then in 1866, by Sir John Evans, who purchased a substantial portion of Warren's collection. It was presented to the Ashmolean by Sir Arthur Evans in 1909.


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